Mabsa Rosin Premium Grade Instrument Rosins

Mabsa Rosin Premium Grade Instrument Rosins

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MABSA ROSIN Premium Grade Instrument Rosins for Violin, Viola, and Cello Bows - Excellent Grip - Natural Rosin for Musicians

Price : $34.99
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  • Project scope: content planning / product shooting / content design
  • Product Description: Argan oil and frankincense oil are blended with the highest quality rosin produced in the largest forested area, so it has excellent adhesion and penetration.
  • Project outline: Violin, viola, and cello are expressed through product and graphic synthesis as a product that shows excellent performance in expressing the tone desired by players and managing the bow.
  • Work intent: Product photography uses light to make the product’s color stand out. Placed with an image that can quickly recognize the raw material used in the product or the object being used. Working in dark tones, I emphasized the luxury of product color, package, and atmosphere.
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    Mabsa Rosin