Dr.HOWS Mini Gas Stove Contents

Dr.HOWS Mini Gas Stove Contents

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Dr.Hows Twinkle Mini Camping Stove Burner - Portable Butane Stove for Camping, Picnic, Outdoor - Single Burner Camp Stove with Carrying Case - Lemon

Price : $69.99
2021.10 ratings review stars

  • Project scope : Content Planning / Content Design
  • Product Information: It is a single burner that can be used for various outdoor activities such as camping, picnics, and garden parties. It features a distinctive pastel tone color, a stylish design, and a tornado-shaped flame that is strong against heat loss and wind.
  • Project outline: The product’s unique color and design stand out, using a single image and lifestyle image, and calligraphy to express points and emotional feelings.
  • Work intent: In order to highlight the color and emotional concept of the product, the image is composed of background, typography, and icon using the same color as the product. By combining lifestyle and product images with graphics, it was laid out in a flowable layout to explain that it is a product that can be used outdoors and to draw attention naturally.
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