Dr.HOWS Twinke Mini Gas Stove

Dr.HOWS Twinke Mini Gas Stove

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Dr.Hows Twinkle Mini Camping Stove Burner - Portable Butane Stove for Camping, Picnic, Outdoor - Single Burner Camp Stove with Carrying Case - Lemon

Price : $69.99
2021.10 ratings review stars

  • Project scope : Content Planning / Content Design
  • Product Information: It is a single burner that can be used for various outdoor activities such as camping, picnics, and garden parties. It features a distinctive pastel tone color, a stylish design, and a tornado-shaped flame that is strong against heat loss and wind.
  • Project overview: To convey the functions and characteristics of the product, it is expressed using a lifestyle image that allows the indirect experience of using product images and places of use.
  • Work intent: Use the same color as the product to highlight the color and emotional concept. It was designed by using emotional calligraphy and illustration icon design.
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